Thursday, April 26, 2012

St. Xavier’s College Calcutta Alumni to organize “Beautiful Bengal”in Singapore:

Event to showcase West Bengal as an investment destination

Xaverians from around the world congregate in an annual meet Beyond Boundaries, hosted by one of its global chapters to renew their ties with the alma mater and strengthen their bonds of fraternity. This year, the third chapter of the event is being held in the city state of Singapore between the 11th and the 13th of May, 2012.

Xaverians, who have always taken the lead and excelled in every domain they occupy, have decided to use the global platform to do their bit for the home state of West Bengal. A B2B meet – Beautiful Bengal – which will feature the advantages that a resurgent Bengal has to offer and the opportunities that are there for industry houses and investors from the Far East to avail is being organized along with the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SICCI) and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

The meet will be held on the 11th of May, 2012 between 3 and 5 PM where Xaverians from around the world apart from representatives of Trade, Industry and Commerce from Singapore and other countries of the Far East will attend. 

The Government of West Bengal has appreciated this unique effort and has deputed Sri. Partha Chatterjee, Honourable Minister of Industries, to lead a high profile delegation of industrialists, bureaucrats and academicians who will highlight the advantages of investing and doing business in West Bengal.

“We believe that it is time West Bengal kept her tryst with economic destiny and regained her rightful place in the sun” said Rev.Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, Principal of the St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and President, SXCCAA. “We are duty bound to use the global network of Xaverians to highlight the opportunities that Bengal has to offer so as to help in the process of economic development.”

“The winds of change have brought in its wake new hopes” said Firdausul Hasan, Hon. Secretary of SXCCAA. “We at SXCCAA want to ensure that this wind becomes a gale that will change the face of the state’s economic development. It is our humble tribute to our motherland and in the true spirit of Nihil Ultra (nothing beyond) we will leave no stones unturned till we achieve what we have set out to

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SXCCAA Women's Forum

The Women's Forum SXCCAA invites you and your spouse to a Seminar  "Hypnotherapy - an awareness talk by Ms.Neerja Poddar" on 27th April, 2012 at Room # 15. Time 6.30 PM onwards.

For More Information contact:
Sujata Rampuria
+91 98317 04091  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eye Camp for Patients from Pakur

As a follow up of the Health Camp organized in the Pakur District of Jharkhand, the first batch of 29 patients was brought to Kolkata for advanced medical support. Aged between 65 and 85, 13 had advanced cataracts on both eyes while the rest had single eye afflictions which were operated by the surgeons of the Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital.

Kalpana Behera, a fifteen year old orphan who had lost both her parents to Maoist insurgency will have her cornea replaced and will get her vision back thanks to the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa who have given her sanctuary and her brothers and sisters of the SXCCAA.

“We can see now” the ecstatic and somewhat bewildered expressions of joy greeted Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, when he visited the patients and blessed the in the hospital. “This is work of God” said Rev. Fr. Raj “and it must continue” urging the members of the Alumni to concentrate more on such noble causes.

The patients have since gone back home with a new vision thanks largely to the eldest of the group the 83 year old Lal Murmu, who was the first to accept our offer to have her cataracts operated. It was she who encouraged the others to join her for the treatment.

“We have also been approached for the treatment of a 15 year old girl who suffers from neurological problems which has robbed her of the ability to move. Her CT scan reports have already been shown to Xaverian, Dr. Sandip Chatterjee, a noted neurological surgeon who has promised to operate on her free of cost and is confident that she will recover shortly” said Mr. Yogesh Chopra, convener philanthropic activities, SXCCAA.

The next batch of 20 patients will be coming to Kolkata on the 30th of this month for their operations. Members willing to participate, make donations or give time are requested to meet the convener.

XXII Fr.Joris Memorial Nihil Ultra debate

The XXII Fr. Joris Memorial Nihil Ultra Debate was held in the college auditorium on the 21st of April 2012.
The Xaverian team comprising of Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Dr.Sandip Chatterjee, Barry O’Brien and Prof. Anaya Chatterjee took on the might of the opposing team of career politicians comprising of Prof. Sougata Ray, Sukhendusekhar Roy, Arunabho Ghoash and Ritabrata Banerjee.

The debate was moderated by Dr. Rudrangshu Mukherjee of the Telegraph. The topic “in the opinion of the House, Democracy in India is ineffective without the right to recall and reject” was one that touched many a raw nerves and easily lived up to the reputation this event has created for itself over the decades.

Attended by the city’s chattering classes, this annual event was marked by not only oratory of high class but also points and counter points that held the audience spell bound.

Barry O’Brien, with his forceful rendition of points irrefutable almost single handedly converted the debate into a spectacle that even surpassed IPL nail biters in terms of sheer power play. While the counter offensive led by the irreplaceable Prof. Sougata Ray did try to counter the Xaverian blitzkrieg, it lacked both the power of conviction and the punch of delivery.

The receptive audience overwhelmingly passed the motion bringing the curtains down on the superbly chalked, executed and implemented event whose credit goes to the two conveners Bharat Baid and Joyjeet Biswas.

A word of appreciation is also due to the Members of the Women's Forum of the SXCCAA who, as usual, managed the backstage impeccably, efficiently and silently.       

Saturday, April 14, 2012

West Zone Chapter Celebrates its Foundation Day

The west zone chapter of the SXCCAA celebrated its 6th foundation day in Mumbai on the auspicious day of the Bengali New Year on the 14th of April, 2012 in Mumbai. Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, President of SXCCAA and Principal St. Xavier’s, College Calcutta led a contingent of 14 Xaverians to grace the occasion. Xaverians from other chapters of the SXCCAA were also present.

The annual event is one of the most sought after in the calendar of the local Xaverians who attended in numbers to renew their bonds with their alma mater and forge friendships in the spirit of Nihil Ultra.

Rev.Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, pointed out the importance of such bonding events, thanked the organizers for their good work around the year and the blessed the gathering. He also talked about the long strides that the alumni movement in St. Xavier’s is taking, moving on to the farthest flungs  of the world, spreading the spirit, touching lives and illuminating souls.

Mr Sanjay Goel, Convener of the West Zone Chapter welcomed the assembled guests and led the assembled Xaverians to take the vow of rededicating themselves as “men and women for others”. Mr. Firdausul  Hasan, Hon. Secretary, SXCCAA in his vote of thanks talked about the upcoming programs of the SXCCAA and invited the west zone members to take part in full strength, starting with Beyond Boundaries III, which is slated to be held in Singapore in May 2012.      

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Fellow Xaverians,

We have for you a programme packed schedule for the next couple of months.

The West Zone Chapter will be celebrating their Annual Reunion Dinner in Mumbai in the Catholic Gymkhana Club, Marine Drive on 14th April, 2012, 7 PM onwards. All are welcome to join. For Registration and Details, please contact Mr. Sanjay Goel + 91 98211 54661 / 93211 54661.

The XXII Fr. Joris Memorial Nihil Ultra Trophy Debate will be held on the 21st of April, Saturday, 4 PM onwards at the College Auditorium. Kindly collect your passes from Room # 5. For More information contact : 033 2280 5566.

Beyond Boundaries III - the annual international convention of Xaverians - will be held in the city state of Singapore between the 11th and the 13th of May, 2012. As part of the event the Global Xaverian award will also be conferred. This is an unique opportunity for Xaverians from around the world to forge new friendships and renew old ones apart from strengthening their bonds with the alma mater.The event is also an important platform for the local Citizens and Xaverians to explore possibilities in the field of education, trade, industry, commerce and culture as has been proven in the earlier chapters in Bangkok and Dubai. For More Information Contact Mr Deepak Gupta + 91 98300 91423 

Launching of NE Chapter in Guwahati. SXCCAA is all set to woe the seven sister of the North East by opening our chapter in Guwahati. If you are in touch with any Xaverian in the North Eastern states, please pass the word around and if possible forward their email id's / contact numbers to  

With Best Regards,
Firdausul Hasan
Hon. Secretary

Beyond Boundaries III

Programme Schedule

Day One (Friday, 11/05/2012)

1500- 1700: Business Meet at SICCI
1900 – Welcome Cocktails & Dinner at Singapore Flyer

Day Two (Saturday, 12/05/2012). Venue Grand Copthern Hotel

0930 – 1000 Hrs. Registration
1000 – 1230 Hrs: Inaugural Session with a tea / coffee break
Prayer conducted by Rev. Fr. Dr. S. Xavier, SJ
Lion Dance
Welcome address by Singapore Chapter Coordinator
Lighting of Ceremonial Lamp
Speech by the Chief Guest – Hon. Mr.TCA Raghavan, the Indian High Commissioner in Singapore
Address of Rev. Fr. Dr. J.Felix Raj, SJ
Vote of Thanks by Firdausul Hasan, Ho. Sec. SXCCAA

Tea/ Coffee Break

Dance Recital by Jaya Ghosh Sil
Global Xaverian Award to Mr. L.N.Mittal
Launching of Beyond Boundaries Theme Song
Launching of Alumni Theme Song
Screening of Film on Singapore Chapter
1230 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1530: Success- Beyond Boundaries
Speakers: Soumyajit Chowdhury, Arvind Agarwal, Vishnu Sahney, Goutam Mohan Chakravorty. Moderator Abhijit Ghosh

Tea / Coffee Break

1900 Hrs Evening Session
1900 – 2000 Hrs: Live performance by You & I
2000 – 2100 Hrs: Cultural Programme by Singapore Chapter
2100 Hrs – Cocktail & Dinner

Day Three (Sunday, 13/05/2012). Venue Grand Copthern Hotel
1030-1230 – SXCCAA – The Road ahead (All Chapter’s Meet)

1230 – 1400 – Lunch

1900 Hrs: Evening Session. Venue Singapore Swimming Club
1900 – 2045 – Usha Uthup and her troupe
2045 – 2100 – Auction of Cricket bat donated by Sourav Ganguly
2100-2130 – Jam Session between Usha Uthup and Bikram Ghosh

2130 Hrs : Cocktails & Dinner

Bookings Open:

For Information Contact:

Deepak Gupta
+91 9830091423

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We shall overcome – Yogesh Chopra, Convener Philanthropy SXCCAA

Ailments, whose root cause is malnutrition. Water and air borne diseases brought about by pollution caused by mining and quarrying in the region. Infertility and other reproductive dysfunctions caused by extreme poverty and long exposure to pollutants. Orthopedic disorders. Advanced glaucoma in children, cataracts …

When we took stock at the end of the camp with Doctors from the medicine, general practice, gynecology ophthalmology and orthopedics exchanging notes, the names that rolled out were mostly common. However, the fact remained – most were brought about or compounded by causes relating to extreme poverty – poverty that has to be seen to be believed. Poverty, that cannot be explained in cold statistics, or by the verbose play of words.

The weather beaten faces, the rickety frames, the father carrying his physically challenged son on his back, the octogenarian with cataracts that have robbed her of her eyesight, the mother with the spastic child … they were all there: in long lines at the counter, stoic in their suffering, yet hopeful of getting help. Some had walked unbelievable distances through the night, traversing the inhospitable terrain to reach the free medical camp, organized by the Carmel Health Center, run by the Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa (CSST), to which we from the SXCCAA had extended our support.

A medical team eight from the Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital, two Gynecologists from the Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre, a team of two Orthopedic experts from the Rehabilitation Center for Children and our own Dr. Ahmed with Dr. S.R Sil and their assistant to attend to the general cases was accompanied by four members of the Alumni to Hathimara, in the tribal dominated Pakur District of Jharkhand.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that to most of us city dwellers it was a rude shock. We, who read of starvation deaths, of extreme poverty, of the benevolence of the state having failed to reach the grassroots, of a total breakdown of the health care services, of hunger and desperation at the bottom of the pyramid were suddenly on the other side of the “poverty line” feeling insignificant in face of a problem of gigantic proportions. Even helpless, our collective ego’s crushed in the realisation that we, despite all our claims, are not even capable of wiping one tear, leave alone act as catalysts of change, ushering in a better tomorrow for these, children of some alien God.

The one island of sanity in these killing fields of our apathy was the Hathimara Catholic Church where Rev. Fr. John Ravi SJ, was helping others - dedicated souls like him, put the balm of humanity on the scarred souls. Sister Suma who runs the regular dispensary was forthright “it’s an uphill task. First you fight against the prejudices brought about by generations of illiteracy and ignorance. Then you take on the vested interests, the quacks, who administer medicine for lucre. It is an unequal struggle, as we do not have the wherewithal to provide all the medicines and the infrastructure to administer them. Yet, we trudge on, with Him reaching out, through us, and healing those who need us the most.”

Sister Jesley was equally dedicated in her zeal “if it is the work of God, it must go on” she said, adding “we hope more of you will come and join us, for these poor, helpless people, our brothers and sisters, need your hand to rise from the depths to which they have been consigned for no fault of theirs”.

I was breathless. Here in the frontiers of the region where the diktat of the Government ends leading us on to the “so-called” Red Corridor, I was face to face with a revolution of another kind. A revolution that the mainline media does not want to write about as it does not have the glamour of even half an item number or the frivolousness of a page 3 gossip item. A revolution, where Carmelite Sisters were taking the fight to the enemy, teaching the foot soldiers not to look at themselves as cannon fodder but to stand steadfast in fortitude, to hold their heads high in times of adversity, to retain their dignity and fight the war against poverty, hunger and injustice with virtually nothing more than love, faith and dedication.

It was but a ten hour journey from Kolkata. Yet in Hathimara, we felt as if we were ten light years away – from civilisation, from the affluence of India Inc. from the world as we know it to be. One sister translated as an old lady blessed me in the local dialect: “May you have a long life, with many children and farms that are ever bountiful in their produce… the vision that you promise to give me back today, may stand witness to your prosperity”.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank the President of SXCCAA, our beloved Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, who answering the call for help by Rev. Fr. Nirmal Raj, SJ, the Provincial of Dumka, encouraged us to make the trip. Organised within a very short period, our team comprising of Xaverians Arun Sultania, Manish Dalmia and Suvobrata Ganguly was personally blessed by him, in what we thought was another philanthropic mission. Little did we know Father, that you were ending us on a voyage of discovery – of the realisation as to how benevolent God has been for us, and how it is his will that we share our good fortunes with our less fortunate brethren.

Xaverians, we have promises to keep. We will not sleep till we traverse these miles and I call on you join us as we trudge through the woods of despair. Come, let us touch lives, let us make a difference. Let us live the spirit that we have imbibed in this great Institution: Nihil Ultra. Let each one of us tell our souls that we are not “men and women for others” for nothing.

Beyond Boundaries III - Singapore ... the Media is already Abuzz!

SXCCAA Bangladesh Chapter Launched

The Bangladesh Chapter of the SXCCAA – our 5th international chapter after Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai and London – was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, in a glittering ceremony in the Gulshan Club, Dhaka on Friday, the 24th of February 2012. Mr. Manzoor Elahi, who passed out of St. Xavier’s in 1964, and is one of Bangladesh’s most revered sons, was appointed as the first Convener of the Chapter.

Responding to popular pleas, Rev Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, promised to look into possibilities of opening a Xaverian institute in Bangladesh. He also promised to facilitate greater academic interaction across the borders.

The formal launch was followed by a cultural evening with performances from both sides of the border – paying of homage to a Xaverian who penned the National song of Bangladesh apart from being honoured as India’s National Bard – none other than Nobel Lauriat, Kobiguru Rabindra Nath Tagore.

A contingent of 30 Xaverians from Kolkata flew to Dhaka to be a part of this memorable occasion, something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Overwhelmed by the hospitality and the warmth, they came back converts and look forward to going back … Xaverians, willing to forge bond of fraternity, aiding the process of cross border transfer of technologies, of strengthening of commercial ties.